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Can Thinking about Justice in Health Help us in Thinking about Justice in Education ?

dimanche 25 octobre 2009, par Daniel M. Weinstock

Thèmes : justice | Inégalités

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Theories of distributive justice have traditionally labored at a fairly high level of abstraction. The canonical authors have thought not so much about the just distribution of this or that particular good within a specific institutional context. Rather, they have written about the background conditions against the backdrop of which the distribution of specific goods occurs (Rawls, 1971 ; Dworkin, 2000). While this is clearly an important prolegomenon to thinking about specific goods, it is not a substitute. A very notable exception to this rule is in the area of health and health-care. Health theorists have for decades now been thinking both about how health itself has been construed for the purposes of generating a theory of distributive justice, about the resources that are relevant to distributive justice in health, and about the units of measurement that should be used to ascertain distributions in health outcomes (Daniels, 1985). Political philosophers have, with some distinguished exceptions, been comparatively slow in taking up the task of constructing a theory of distributive justice in the area of education, or indeed in identifying a framework within which such a theory might be developed (Brighouse, 2000 ; Swift, 2003). My intention in this paper is to bring some questions that arise in the context of the discussion of distributive justice in health to bear on the issues surrounding distributive justice in education.

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par Daniel M. Weinstock

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